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Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research (formerly the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies) is the leading institute in Israel for the study of Jerusalem’s complex reality and unique social fabric. Established in 1978, the Institute focuses on the unique challenges facing Jerusalem in our time and provides extensive, in-depth knowledge for policy makers, academia, and the general public. 

The work of the Institute spans all aspects of the city: physical and urban planning, social and demographic issues, economic and environmental challenges, and questions arising from the geo-political status of Jerusalem. Its many years of multi-disciplinary work have afforded the Institute a unique perspective that allowed it to expand its research and address complex challenges confronting Israeli society in a comprehensive manner. These challenges include urban, social, and strategic issues; environmental and sustainability challenges; and innovation and financing. 

The Institute develops knowledge resources, prepares studies on policy and Master Plans, participates in urban planning, and conducts follow-up and evaluation studies. It disseminates its cumulative knowledge through conferences, panel discussions, and briefings for decision makers, stakeholders, and the general public. The Institute’s work is characterized by a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach based on extensive knowledge and in-depth analysis. 

The Institute’s researchers are fully immersed in Israeli life and committed to contributing from their experience and expertise towards the advancement of decision-making processes in Jerusalem and Israel. 

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