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Website Terms of Use

1. General

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies ("JIIS") operates this Site to provide online access to information (the “Service”). All content, information, and services provided on and through our Site may be used only under the following terms and conditions. 

The term "User" refers to any person who uses or interacts with the Site.

The JIIS operates the Site for the purpose of providing the general public with publications, statistical data, maps and various announcements and will make an effort to provide this Service.

By accessing and using the Site, the User agrees to each of the terms and conditions set forth herein (“Terms of Use”).

2. Use of Site

(1) Limitation of Liability

The Site Service is provided AS IS.  In no event will the JIIS be liable, nor will the JIIS assume responsibility, for the quality of the Services or the content on the Site or the accessibility of the Services or information on the Site or the security of the services of the Site, unless otherwise expressly stated.

In no event will the JIIS be liable, nor will the JIIS assume responsibility, for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages or loss of information arising out of or in connection with the use of the Site to the User's computer system or network.

(2) Links to Other Web Sites

The Site contains "Links" to other web sites for your information and convenience. The JIIS is not responsible or liable for the availability or content or security or functioning of any such web sites or for anything else pertaining to the connection with them.  The User is solely responsible for the use of the Links and the web sites accessed through the Links.

3.  Use of the Site for Illegal Purposes is Forbidden

Use of the Site for illegal purposes or in a manner that may alter the Site or may interfere with any other party's use of the Site or may interfere, disrupt or overload networks connected to the website is expressly forbidden. 

4. Copyright Protection 

The copyrights in the Site materials are owned by the JIIS.  Every text, picture, design, sketch, map, graphics, and software application in the Site is protected under applicable copyright laws, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Following is a brief description of permitted use and prohibited use of the Site content:

The User may use the Site content solely for personal use. The User may only make "reasonable use" of the Site content, in accordance with the governing laws.

It is permitted to quote and reprint press releases and invitations to events that appear on the Site in full and without receiving express permission from the JIIS.  For all other content, the User is required by law to name the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies as the source of the content and to give the full reference details of the quoted or reprinted document or publication, including the name of the author.

The User may not modify, alter, harm, deface or change  the content of the Site in any form or by any means and may not make any change in the Site that may harm the value of the Site content or may harm the reputation of the JIIS or the author.  It is prohibited to use the content on the Site or to use the Site for any commercial purposes. The unauthorized commercial use or sale of any elements or maps obtained from the Site is expressly prohibited, except as otherwise provided herein.

It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, republish, distribute, post, or transmit copyrighted content from the Site without express prior written permission from the JIIS.  Permission may be requested by email or by mail at the addresses noted below.  Requests for permission should bear the title: "Request for Permission to Use Copyright Material". 

Email Addresses:  , 
Mailing Address: The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, 20 Radak St., Jerusalem, 92186

Fax Number:  972-02-5639814

5. Miscellaneous

(1) In any case of conflict between the publications of the JIIS and materials published on the Site, the publications are correct. 

(2) The JIIS reserves the right to modify the Site and the Terms of Use at any time without giving prior notice.

(3) Any controversy or dispute arising out of the use of the Site shall be submitted, and you irrevocably consent, to the jurisdiction of the Court of Jerusalem.

(4) Personal information transmitted through the Site will not be passed on to a third party.   

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