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Director's Message

Dear policy makers, policy practitioners, researchers, lovers of Jerusalem, environmentalists, peace seekers, stakeholders and members of the public,
We at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research are committed to making a professional contribution to the advancement and development of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel; to enhancing thinking and developing policy tools on the management of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and possibilities for its resolution, particularly with regard to Jerusalem; to impacting environmental policy in Israel; and to assisting in the development of economic innovation and initiative.
The Institute has a tradition of decades of research, which combines academic quality with field experience, and provides decision makers with applicable and effective policy tools.

We conduct research, set up think tanks, prepare policy papers, hold round table forums, carry out briefings, organize conferences and issue publications, all this with the aim of contributing to the quality of the decision-making process in Israel in our spheres of endeavor.

Our work is for the benefit of the public. We place the knowledge we have accumulated at the disposal of the general public and consider it our duty to share it with anyone who is interested.

You are invited to visit our site and enjoy the fruits of our long years of labor. You can find information about our different areas of research, publication of articles, books and policy papers, information on conferences and events, feature stories and news. We would be pleased to be at your disposal in other ways as well.

Meir Kraus, JIIS Director General
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