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International Projects Unit

    The International Project Unit's activities include:

    Initiating projects and writing research proposals for the EU's "Horizon 2020" Programme
    Submitting proposals for national and international research tenders and calls for proposals
    Guidance and consultation for national and international proposals 
    Locating partners and creating and maintaining ongoing relations with international bodies 
    Promoting interdisciplinary thought processes and identifying opportunities for cutting-edge research
    Content and scientific design of research proposals
    Basic background research for identification and characterisation of 'state of the art' theoretical frameworks and methodologies, for writing cutting edge research proposals regarding the relevant topics
    Strategic planning of work programs
    Budget preparation 

    Project Management
    Coordination of research consortiums 
    Project management and scientific lead
    Ongoing communication with the European Union
    Managing  large international research teams (over 30 researchers)
    Responsible for the international relations of the JIIS
    Cooperation with Israeli universities and research institutions
    Work with local and national policy makers
    Public relations, dissemination and marketing of research products on a national and international level
    Budget preparation

     Examples of EU-funded projects (in chronological order): 
    - IMT Project: for the development of a range of management techniques for innovation-processes (FP4)
    - ACCESS and PRIISME projects: investigating the activities of SME's from different angles. These projects lead to the development of a governmental SME support programme (FP4)
    - IFISE Project: investigating incubation schemes and innovation from a comparative perspective, comparing Israel and Italy (FP4)
    - INCUPUC Project: investigating the role and influence of policies for technological development (FP5)
    - Bio-Link Project: for mapping, characterization and comparison of biotechnology incubation schemes in five countries (FP5)
    - J-RIS Project: for the promotion of R&D in the Bio-technology industry (FP6)
    - ENN Project: for the establishment and execution of a European network for technological cooperation and association between companies in Israel and abroad (FP7). This project also included an evaluation of governmental programs for promotion of international cooperation in R&D
    - SPREE Project: for the design of Servicizing promoting Policy Packages in three sectors: Water, Mobility and Agri-food

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