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Our Mission

Policy makers require relevant, reliable information and informed analyses on which to base their decisions. Academic research, while thorough-going, is often too time-consuming to be useful and relevant for current and practical application, or is not easily accessible to those who must set policy. The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research gathers data, conducts research, evaluates programs and educates on three critical issues which Israel's policy makers must address: Jerusalem, conflict resolution and Environmental Policy.

The Institute's proven record and achievements on these questions are recognized in Israel and abroad, and has contributed significantly to negotiations in the peace process and to public discourse. Basic Jerusalem-related data and background material prepared by the Institute over many years play a major role in public discourse and political processes and doubtless will continue to do so.
The condition of the environment in Israel, a subject of increasing popular and political concern, prompted the Institute to put environmental issues on Israel's public agenda and to encourage action both for the remedy of already problematic situations as well as for the prevention of damage in the future.
The Jerusalem Institute work related to medium and long range planning, but remains flexible enough to accommodate and respond to changes in the society, the political arena, and in the order of priorities. It has in the past, and so continues, to make its resources available to those who need or are interested in data and expertise.
Our commitments:
  • Use thorough, state-of-the-art methods in analyzing and evaluating policies, programs and processes.
  • Supply sound objective data & analysis to policymakers in making public policy decisions.
  • Deepen public understanding of policy issues
  • Save government and communities time and money through research on effective and efficient programs
  • Work to make a stronger, more affluent Jerusalem
Mission Statement
Our mission is to contribute to decision-making, policy and planning processes and to influence their outcomes in Jerusalem and in Israel. To this end, we produce accurate, thorough and data-based information, conduct interdisciplinary policy-oriented research and provide innovative policy recommendations and planning proposals for the benefit of decision makers, the non-profit sector and, ultimately, the public.
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