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Research on Jerusalem has stood at the core of the Institute's activities since the day it was founded. The Institute has conducted hundreds of research projects, published books, and produced position papers that relate to all facets of life in Jerusalem. We provide new perspectives on a range of issues, identifying critical trends, and play a central role in creating and disseminationg new knowledge about the city.
The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research often takes bold steps in criticizing policies, exploring options and seeking unconventional answers to difficult questions. Thus, over the years it has become known nationally and internationally as a key source of information about Jerusalem.
Our research focuses on a number of fields, from Policy Planning, preservation & Development to Public Service, Demography and Education.  We are involved in various projects concerning some of the more difficult issues in the Jerusalem reality such as the Historic Basin of the Old City of Jerusalem or the the Security Fence in Jerusalem. Our projects also deal with the everyday life in the city creating neighborhood profiles, mapping population and immigration to and from the city, following the renewal process of the city center, and evaluating different social projects around the city.
Dr. Maya Choshen: Director of the Jerusalem studies desk - Public Service, Demography & Education
Mr. Israel Kimhi: Director of the Jerusalem studies desk -  Policy Planning 
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