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Conflict Management

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research was formed in the year 2003, a unique and inter-disciplinary research group that includes researchers and specialists from different fields, designated to re-examine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and especially the violent confrontation which erupted in September 2000.
The failure of the Oslo accord, the return to a violent confrontation, and the failure of the efforts to end the violence or to diminish its intensity brought the researchers of the Institute to examine the phenomenon of conflict management on both sides, focusing on the causes of the conflict, the goals of the sides, their perceptions towards the conflict in different stages, on the unique characteristics of the conflict as a "low intensity conflict", on the management strategies of the different sides, on the reasons for the failure to end the conflict or to moderate it, and inspecting some more controlled alternatives for managing the conflict, that will ease the transfer from managing to solving it. In addition the research group studied the disengagement as a strategy for conflict management, the blocks for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Arab peace initiative as a systematic approach for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a whole. Completed research on these topics has been compiled into a series of books. 
The current and future research of the institute in the field of conflict management will continue to focus on identifying the challenges regarding the Israeli-Arab in general and especially on the Israeli-Palestinian one, and will examine different managing and settling opportunities such as interim agreements, and systematic approaches, including international intervention.   
Prof. Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov: Head of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies & the Conflict Management desk
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