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Jerusalem Population 1967-2000
This map shows the development of the built area, populated by the two main groups in Jerusalem - Jews ans Arabs.
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Jewish & Arab Population in Jerusalem
This map shows the spatial distribution of the different population groups (Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox ,Arabs) in Jerusalem.
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Population Growth 2007
This map depicts the changes in the total population of each of the city's areas. Most of the city's areas saw a positive population growth rate in 2007.
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Children aged 0-4, 2007
The composition of the population in Jerusalem is dramatically different between the neighborhoods of the city. This map shows the differences in the percentage of young children between the areas of the city .
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Migration Balance 2007
Jerusalem is characterized by a negative inter-city migration balance. This map depicts the migration balance for each area of the city, as percent of the residents of the area
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Persons aged 75 and over 2007
This map shows the percentage of elderly people, aged 75 and over, in the different areas of Jerusalem, from Rehavia and Talbiye to East Jerusalem and Har-Homa
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Median Age 2007
This map depicts the median age of the population in Jerusalem's neighborhoods. Median age is the age which splits the population in half - half of the population is younger then it, and half is older.
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Percentage of Olim 2007
This map shows the percentage of newcomers (Olim), who arrived in Israel at or after 1990, from the population of Jerusalem's neighborhoods
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