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Feb 18th | The Reciprocal Relations Between the Evangelical Movement and Israel

Christian and Zionist: The Reciprocal Relations Between the Evangelical Movement and Israel

Feb 18th | 13 Adar I | 17:30 - 19:30 | Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, Radak 20, Jerusalem

Annual Symposium in memory of Daniel Rossing, Founder and Director of Jerusalem Center for Jewish - Christian Relations. 

In the weeks preceding the ceremony transferring the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the city was filled with signs of support for the American President Donald Trump on behalf of "Friends of Zion." The signs aroused the curiosity of many of the city's residents who wondered who are these Christian friends?  Who were the evangelical leaders who spoke at the inauguration ceremony?   Who are the Christians who come to volunteer in the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria? What is the religious motivation of Christian communities around the world to act enthusiastically for Israel, relying on divine promise and the Bible?

This is not an entirely new phenomenon, but in recent years it has become increasingly present in the public sphere: Billboards, the establishment of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, demonstrations of support around the feast of Succoth organized by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and political support for Israel in the United States and the international arena.

Can we talk about Zionist Christianity? What is the reason for these Christians’  great interest in the State of Israel? Is it about the people, the Jewish religion, the religious heritage, or the land? And how do Israeli society and the governing establishment relate to this phenomenon?

Every year, the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue and the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research hold a symposium in memory of Daniel Rossing. Daniel founded the Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations in 2004, which aims to promote peace and understanding among the various populations in Israel, with an emphasis on local Christian communities, which are a minority within a minority in Israeli society. Since Daniel's death in 2010, the organization expanded its activities and changed its name to commemorate its founder. Today, the organization focuses on educating and meeting youth and adults in order to build respect and equality between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land.

At the annual Symposium, we discuss issues related to Jewish-Christian relations or issues that affect the Christian communities in Israel. This year we chose to deal with the world of Christian Zionists and their complex relations with Israeli society and the State of Israel.

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