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The Christian world & Jerusalem
Christianity played a central role in transforming Jerusalem into a city of world-wide interest. Today, christians have become a minor factor within the city’s population
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Jerusalem: Conflicts, Issues & Policy making
Jerusalem is a National and International Core Issue - JIIS recent proects, policy papers, evaluations and data
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Jerusalem: 40 years of reunification
What will be the influence of the fence on the Palestinian residents’ collective identity? will the fence encourage migration? How will the international pressure on Israel affect the route? JIIS researcher Israel Kimhi analyzes these questions and more.
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Jerusalem as a key to national security
The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS) has been following the city indicators ( Demography • Economy • Society • Personal Security • Image and Perception ) for the last 25 years. here is some data and analyses
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Jerusalem: a city in transition
Population and Spatial Relations - statistical data on Israel's capital city from Migration and Fertility to the securiy fence and economy
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Populations of Jerusalem: Processes of Change
Jerusalem Mosaic The neighborhood structure of Jerusalem and the social and cultural richness of its residents are part of its beauty and character but are also the source of its complexity and conflicts
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J-Lab project
A project by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Jerusalem Development Authority And the Jerusalem Foundation To help Israel (Jerusalem) keep its place as a leading center of technological innovation

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