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Jerusalem- Facts and Trends 2017
Jerusalem Facts and Trends illustrates a concise and clear picture of the current situation in the City and depicts a number of trends that include: population, employment, education, housing, tourism, and more.
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Haredi High-School Yeshivas in Israel: Description and Analysis
This research report follows the development of the Haredi high-school yeshivas that combine religious studies with general studies to provide an alternative to the dominant small yeshivas in Haredi society that receive support and protection from Haredi leadership.
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Jerusalem Institute Announces Major Gift by Blum Family Foundation
The gift will be used to to expand programs in training and research at the Institute’s Milken Innovation Center with the goal to assist countries in Africa, Asia and Latin American grow their economies through sustainable development.
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The 2017 Statistical Yearbook for Jerusalem
The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem presents an up-to-date statistical picture of the city in a wide and diverse range of fields, in tables, graphs, maps and other statistics, as well as indicating trends of change that are underway.
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The R2PI project: Transition from Linear to Circular Economy
The R2PI project is a three-year project within the environment theme of Horizon 2020 (H2020) of the European Union. The project began in November 2016 and is due to end in October 2019 with a total funding of 3 million Euros.
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A New website for the Milken Innovation Center
Now you have one-stop access to meet our Milken Fellows, our Global Fellows, catch-up on the latest research about Israeli innovations in finance, research, industry, and policy, follow the discussions from our Financial Innovations Labs about how to move from the Start-up Nation to the Scale-up Nation, and discover the cutting edge of community and economic development in Israel and abroad. Visit, and find out how research leads to results.
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The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem 2016
The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem presents an up-to-date picture of life in Jerusalem – in tables, graphs, maps and other statistics, covering a wide range of topics
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SPREE Project selected as a success story by the EC!
SPREE project was chosen as a sucess story within the framework of the European Commission's recent shift. The concept of servicizing is considered to be a ground-breaking approach in the area of the Circular Economy and Systematic eco-innovation. Read more about the project and about servicizing.
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Milken Innovation Center hosts successful Innovation Lab on New Models for Water Sustainability
The Milken Innovation Center hosted a Financial Innovation Lab on New Models for Water Sustainability, followed by two full days of tours through Israel's water ecosystem. The lab was attended by business developers, researchers, government officials, and water technology executives from both California and Israel.
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The explosive reality in East Jerusalem
Recent events in East Jerusalem, which started in the summer of 2014 in the aftermath of the Gaza war, have once again raised the issue of the complex, explosive reality that exists in East Jerusalem and the tense relationship between the city’s Jews and Arabs. This paper aims to explore the context and foundation that generate and enflame tension, and to propose ways of de-escalating the tension in the immediate future and long term.
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