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Welcoming the Milken Innovation Center at the JIIS
The JIIS is delighted to inform you that our Innovation Policy Center will be continuing its mission in conjunction with the Israel Milken Institute, a subset of the International Milken Institute. The Center will be focusing on a range of projects to scale-up Israel’s growth through continued research and training on key strategic economic objectives.    

The Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute will continue working with Government ministries, Municipality of Jerusalem, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other colleagues throughout Israel to linking economics and finance to public policy Innovations.

This new operational home will serve as a platform to further build robust and results-oriented programs and continue to explore their expansion with other philanthropic partners.  The Center’s work will continue to be supported, in part, by a generous grant from the Milken Institute along with the Jerusalem Foundation, sponsor of the Jerusalem Institute. 

The program will continue to be led by Prof. Glenn Yago along with Steven Zecher as project director and Orly Moshovitz-Landskroner heading up the Fellows and Alumni Program and Leora Shoham-Peters as administrative assistant. Together we remain committed to the successful mission of building research and training human capital for financial Innovation for economic development in Israel as the country scales up as a global platform for change.

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