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SPREE Project selected as a success story by the EC!
SPREE Project was selected as a success story of the Directorate General "Research and Innovation" under the European Commission. The EC's "Environmental Technologies" unit recently shifted their approach and consequently changed its name to "Eco-innovation Unit" in order to reflect on the non-technological aspects of environmental changes. They refer to it as "adopting a systematic approach to eco-innovation" which involves thinking of business models, consumer behaviour and organizational change. SPREE project was chosen as a sucess story within this framework. The concept of servicizing and SPREE study is considered to be a ground-breaking approach in the area of the Circular Economy and Systematic eco-innovation.

Highlights from the European Commission Review of SPREE:

"The SPREE project has done an outstanding job in objectively and critically analyzing the potential role of servicing within the selected sectors, in exploring the role of policy packages for facilitating a transition to a servicizing economy, and in evaluating the related costs and benefits of such a shift to servicing."

"…The presentation of results clearly highlight the contributions of this project in (i) exploring the feasibility of different servicizing options in different sectors and countries, (ii) exploring future scenarios for the evolution of servicizing (and
related impacts), (iii) identifying critical barriers to implementation, and (iv) understanding perceptions of both consumers and producers."

"…The project has (i) successfully achieved its intended objectives, (ii) made a notable contribution to the state-of-the-art, particularly in exploring workable models for a circular economy, (iii) significantly advanced our understanding of servicizing and its potential for application in the three selected sectors in different parts of the European territory, (iv) developed widely applicable conceptual and methodological guidance material, (v) advanced our understanding of servicizing costs and benefits, and (vi) contributed to a stronger understanding of what is required for servicing initiatives to succeed… The project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals and has even exceeded expectations." 

Visit the project's website.
Read about the project's concluding conference.
Browse through the Policy Packages produced by the team. 
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