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Sustainability Outlook 2030
The project “Sustainability Outlook 2030 for Israel” was initiated jointly by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Policy Center of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. Its goal is to build a vision of sustainability to 2030 which would enable decision makers in Israel to understand the implications of existing trends, recognize any disparities in pursuit of the vision, and identify routes by which Israel could progress towards achieving the vision.
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The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem 2012
The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem presents an up-to-date picture of life in Jerusalem – in tables, graphs, maps and other statistics, covering a wide range of topics. In honor of Jerusalem Day 2012 we are pleased to present the 26th edition of the Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem.
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Jerusalem: Facts and Trends 2012
This publication presents an updated and concise picture of Jerusalem and of the trends and changes in the city in a wide range of fields, including population, employment, education, tourism, and construction. In this edition, for the first time, a chapter on the Business and industry is included.
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Christmas 2012 in Jerusalem
Christmas Eve in Jerusalem, one of the holiest and most important cities for the Christian world, is barely discernible in the city’s ambiance. In stark contrast to Jerusalem, Nazareth has hosted highly visible Christmas celebrations in recent years, drawing increasing numbers of curious Jewish observers, and Haifa integrates Christmas celebrations with its annual “Holiday of Holidays” multicultural, interfaith festival.
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The Palestinian Petition to the United Nations for Recognition of a Palestinian State
The Palestinian petition to the United Nations (UN) is part of a broader Palestinian process aimed at advancing Palestinian interests not by means of negotiations with Israel, but through the use of multi-national political and legal frameworks. This policy paper analyzes the possible measures that Palestinians might adopt in the UN framework.
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Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State
A new book by JIIS researcher Dr. Amnon Ramon offers an in-depth look at Israel’s relationship with Christianity and the Christian world. It examines that connection over time and presents recommendations for the future. Ramon opens Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State by underscoring the unique relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and between Jews and Christians.
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JIIS expert on Christians in Israel presents at conference at Santa Croce University
A number of aspects regarding the complex dialogue between the Vatican and Israel were addressed at the conference on the background and future of relations between the two states, held on 13 June. JIIS researcher and expert on Christians in Israel, Dr. Amnon Ramon, attended the conference and presented the Israeli perspective on the matter.
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Sustainability Outlook 2030 at Rio+20
This brochure, that was handed out by Israeli delegates at Rio +20, was produced by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection together with the Environmental Policy Center at the JIIS, and contains the main topics and questions that were the basis for the vision and strategy for "Sustainability Outlook 2030 for Israel".
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Press Release: Document containing the principal data of the New Statistical Yearbook
Every year, the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies releases new data about the city and its residents on the eve of Jerusalem Day. The following document contains the principal data of the yearbook and was compiled by JIIS researchers under the direction of Dr. Maya Choshen.
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Survey reveals: Arab citizens are interested in being integrated within the state
A new survey, which aims to explore the positions of the Arab and Jewish public regarding the equality and integration of Arab citizens within the state, was initiated by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty. They survey reveals interesting insights among Jews and Arabs.
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