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"Enough is Enough!": Why Was the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Closed?
What is the background to the crisis in the relations between Israel and the heads of the Churches in Jerusalem? Dr. Amnon Ramon explains.
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Inclusive citizenship as a framework for Jewish-Arab relations in Israel
Would most Jews and Arabs like to see a State policy that fits the inclusive citizenship paradigm that the Israeli government advocates but fails to implement?This article deals with the civil and national status of the Arab minority in Israel with an attempt to find a balancing formula between definitions of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
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Christians and Christianity in Jerusalem
Jerusalem is the only city in the world in which some 15 different Christian communitieslive alongside one another. Church clergy, monks and nuns, and representatives of various Christian organizations from the four corners of the earth permanently reside in Jerusalem.
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A comparative analysis of different peace initiative documents
A new paper by JIIS researcher Lior Lehrs, presents a comparative analysis of three different peace initiative documents: the “Saudi Initiative”, a proposal presented in Thomas Friedman’s article published in the New York Times; The “Arab Peace Initiative” and the “Israeli Peace Initiative”. This new paper compares different topics discussed in the respective documents include: Borders, A Palestinian State, Jerusalem, Syria, Lebanon, refugees and peaceful relations.
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Policy Document: An Israeli Strategy in Preparation for September
The following article by Mr. Meir Kraus, Director of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, was published in the editorial supplement of the newspaper Israel HaYom. The article explores potential strategies for Israel in preparation for the possibility that the United Nations (UN) will recognize a Palestinian state in September.
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Policy Document on Israel - United States Relations
This paper, written by Prof. Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov in honor of the President's Conference, depicts the special relations between the United States and Israel which are considered to be the most important political and security assets that Israel holds in the international sphere. These relations, formed after the Six-Day War, assisted Israel in promoting its political and security goals in both the Middle Eastern and the International systems. Israel has a major interest in not only preserving these relations, but also in promoting them as much as possible. The essentiality of the special relations is substantial particularly at this era in which Israel is kept in international exclusion. The continuity of the previous USA support for Israel at the same level and scope is needed in order to face the de-legitimacy processes of the Israeli policy and even of the State of Israel in different circles of the international system.
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Coping with Barriers to Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
This policy document was written following the publishing of the book: “Barriers to Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” published by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies in cooperation with the Adenauer Stiftung.
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Formerly religious, newly religious or ultra-orthodox?
In a survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Jews aged 20+ were asked about their degree of religiosity. An article by Yair Assaf-Shapira.
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