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Conflicts over religious sites: Mosque or museum in Beersheba?
There is a century-old building under dispute in Beersheba: originally built as a mosque, for two decades it stood empty and then opened as the Negev Museum of Art. The building made headlines of late again after Israeli Arab groups protested the holding of a wine festival as part of a larger cultural event in its courtyardץ
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Innovating the institutions
Think “innovation,” and the chances are you will think “technological advances.” Yet innovation is equally important in institutional contexts as well, that is, in how decisions are taken by the responsible authorities. The Environmental Policy Center decided to explore this topic further, and to do so brought in a team of academics from Haifa University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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Assessing the state of a city
A JIIS team has been researching the field of "indicators" in order to develop measurement tools for analyzing and monitoring the state of a city or region. On 24 October, the Institute will hold a conference on the subject, aimed at policy makers – directors-general, strategic heads and other professionals – at which the team will present its findings and accumulated data.
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