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The Publication Catalogue contains the full list of publications by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. Since its establishment, the Institute has published over 500 publications in various fields and on numerous topics, such as the city of Jerusalem, conflict management, environmental policy and innovation policy.

Within the catalogue you can search for the publications that are relevant to you, and most of them are available for direct download. In addition, all of the publications since 2010 have abstracts available, for your convenience. While a certain number of publications are available in Hebrew only, we are working towards completing the list in English as well.

If you wish to get more information about future publications or publications that do not have directs links in the catalogue, you can write to: Erela Ganan

The catalogue presents by default the publications according to the publication year, from the current year backwards. However, you have the option to sort them according to other parameters, such as the publication's name, writers, language, catalogue number and more. This kind of sorting is done by clicking the arrow on the left hand side of each headline and selecting the preferable sort.

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