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The Ultra-Orthodox: Fearing for Their Future
Dr. Dan Kaufman , Asaf Malchi , Bezalel Cohen 2008
Many changes have taken place in the Ultra-Orthodox population in recent years as a result of the development of new options for academic and professional training for this sector. A real need for the assessment of these programs and frameworks has developed, which will entail an evaluation of the suitability of these frameworks to the needs of the population for which it is intended and the level of willingness of young Ultra-Orthodox to take advantage of them. The goal of this research is to examine the attitudes of the Ultra-Orthodox towards the pursuit of academic education and to identify the primary obstacles to their integration into different paths of academic study.
In the framework of this project, 550 questionnaires were distributed to Ultra- Orthodox men and women from all the different Ultra-Orthodox communities, with the aim of investigating the level of the participants' willingness to acquire academic and professional training. In addition, a wide range of obstructions and difficulties that stand in the way of young Ultra-Orthodox who are interested in higher education (now offered to them through different frameworks) were characterized and tested. It should be emphasized that the research focused on the population of Ultra-Orthodox men characterized as facing special difficulties, among whom there appears to be a real structural failure regarding higher studies. Alongside the quantitative study, a series of personal interviews were conducted with students and Ultra-Orthodox academics and with the directors of institutions and various training centers.

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