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Summary of the JIIS' Study of Israeli Incubation Program
Dr. Dan Kaufman , Oz Gore 2009
The Israeli Technological Incubators Program was established as part of the immigrant absorption from the Soviet Union at the 90th. It was a common perception that a large portion of the immigrants included engineers and other professionals with scientific knowledge and initiative abilities, which due to a variety of difficulties concerning the absorption in the new country, could be unutilized. Language barriers and unfamiliar business environment are two examples of imperfections which impede the implementation of their abilities in order to establish an effective business project (Frankel and others' 2005).
During the following years, the incubator program was seen as a significant player in supporting and encouraging young entrepreneurs who wish to build an initiative technology-based firm. In addition, today they are conceived as an important instrument in promoting and developing of the Israeli periphery.
The incubators had achieved a central role in particular fields, such as Biotechnology, and today 30% of the Israeli companies received financial aid through the Technological Incubator Program.
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