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Summary of a Public Survey of Attitudes among the Adult Jewish Population in Israel regarding Christianity, Christians and the Christian Presence in Israel 2009
Dr. Amnon Ramon

The purpose of the survey, which was co-sponsored by the Jerusalem Center for Jewish- Christian Relations (JCJCR) and the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS), was to examine attitudes in the various sectors of Israeli Jewish society towards Christianity, the Christian world and the Christian presence in Israel. At the heart of the survey was the question of the degree to which the views of Jews in Israel regarding Christianity and Christians are influenced by the residual impact of the relations of Jews and Christians in the past. An additional question was whether the Jewish population makes a distinction between the Arab Christian population in Israel (numbering approximately 120,000) and the non-Arab Christian population in Israel (numbering about 30,000), among them immigrants from the former Soviet Union, foreign Christian clergy serving in Israel, and representatives of Christian bodies from abroad.

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