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Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State
Dr. Amnon Ramon 2012
A new book by JIIS researcher Dr. Amnon Ramon offers an in-depth look at Israel’s relationship with Christianity and the Christian world. It examines that connection over time and presents recommendations for the future. Ramon opens Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State by underscoring the unique relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and between Jews and Christians.

The recent shift in the state of affairs, and the intricate and complicated relations that have prevailed between the Christian world and the State of Israel, are the principal focus of this book. 

Relations between Israel and the churches have sometimes flowed quite smoothly, at other times resembled a quiet rollercoaster – but inconsistent Israeli policy toward them has been the one consistent feature. The book includes the many aspects of the ties that make this a truly good story – in addition to religion(s) and sensitivities you can find politics, real estate (the churches hold extensive property, especially in Jerusalem), power and an innate determination – on both sides – to have attitudes and demands validated. 

Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State is a joint project between JIIS and the Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations, and is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Rossing, founder and Executive Director of the Center until his untimely death in 2010. The book is published in Hebrew, with a summary in English. 

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