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Residents, Not Citizens: Israeli Policy towards the Arabs in East Jerusalem, 1967-2017
Dr. Amnon Ramon With the participation of Yaël Ronen, 2017

On June 11, 1967, the government of Israel held its very first meeting since the sweeping victory of the Six Day War. At this meeting it adopted a decision to annex East Jerusalem, incorporating it into the State of Israel. Government discussions and other forums paid almost no attention to the question of the status of Arab residents in the territory annexed by Israel. The central issue of this book is how the status of the Arab residents who lived in the territory annexed by Israel was determined. This territory covered about 70 square kilometers and included some 70,000 residents. An exploration of this issue reveals deeper layers that reflect the attitude of Israel’s leadership and society towards the Arab population in East Jerusalem as well as other territories captured in the war. To this day, that attitude has had far-reaching repercussions for the reality of life in East Jerusalem.

The book focuses on the social and legal status of East Jerusalem Arabs and the various forms this status has taken over the past fifty years. In a broader sense, it addresses Israeli policy towards the city’s Arabs. The book as a whole provides food for thought and deliberation regarding a central issue that, fifty years after the “unification” of Jerusalem, has become marginalized.

The book, in Hebrew, is available for purchase, through Paypal website using a credit card. The book will be sent to the address you provide within 7-10 working days.

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