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Jerusalem - Facts and Trends 2017
Dr. Maya Choshen , Michal Korach 2017
Jerusalem Facts and Trends is one of the Institute’s premier publications. It is an accessible guide through which anyone from a variety of fields can find useful information on Jerusalem. The publication analyzes the complex reality that is 'modern Jerusalem' and examines the diverse populations that inhabit the city. The data used in the publication is largely drawn from the Institute’s Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem, published annually.

Writers and Editors: Dr Maya Chosen, Michal Korach
Assistance in Preparing this Publication: Yair Assaf–Shapira, Omer Yaniv,
Shaya Rosenblum, Dafna Shemer
Cover Design and Illustration: Ira Ginzburg
Graphic Design: Yael Shaulski
Translation from Hebrew to English: Merav Datan

The book is available for purchase at a cost of 50 NIS, plus a shipping fee of 12.00 NIS (payment accepted via PayPal). The book will be sent to your address within 7-10 buisness days. Please note that the number of copies is limited and shipping is available only within Israel.

For the full publication, click 'download full text'. 

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