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Downtown Jerusalem - The Story of Jerusalem's City Center and Its Regeneration
Dr. Amnon Ramon , Aviel Yelinek 2011
Jerusalem has been on the wane for a generation. This can be attributed to a variety of cause-and-effect perspectives:
a declining socioeconomic status, negative migration, and the downbeat image of the city held by substantial sectors of Israeli society.
Meaningful change occurred in 2001, when the Israeli government mobilized to support the municipal effort, and Eden, the Jerusalem Center Development Company (a subsidiary of the Jerusalem Development Authority) was established.
This marked the beginning of the city center renewal process that continues today.The city center renewal plan described in this book is an ambitious endeavor that represents a major financial investment on the part of the Israeli government and the Jerusalem Municipality.

The plan constitutes an attempt – unprecedented in Israel – to approach Jerusalem’s renewal and revitalization in a logical and considered manner − despite a prevailing sense that the city is a “lost cause.”

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