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For the Sake of Zion I Shall Not Stand Still?
Gabriel (Gabi) Sheffer , Eyal Tsur 2011

This book marks the first comprehensive research that focuses on the Jewish Diaspora's relations with Jerusalem, Israel's capital and the holiest city for most of the Jewish people. The book focuses on six out of the seven largest Jewish communities in the diaspora and their relation to Jerusalem ever since the Oslo agreement. It examines both the opinions and the actions of Diaspora Jews vis-à-vis this city. Unlike many books and articles that have focused on Jerusalem's long history, on the one hand, and on the characteristics of the Jewish Diaspora, on the other, this book also refers to the political developments that have occurred in Jerusalem in view of the various social and political processes that have occurred in the major Jewish diasporic communities. Moreover, this is the first work whose main focus is the Jewish Diaspora's relations to and perspectives on contemporary Jerusalem.

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