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Evaluation of the Project: Including the Elderly in Community Gardens
Dr. Maya Choshen , Shiri Borenstein 2010
For a decade now, JIIS has conducted Evaluation Studies of projects operating in Jerusalem, mainly: social, welfare and educational projects.
These evaluations are important for monitoring, improving and maintaining the project, for the funding bodies to assess the achievements of objectives, and for the researchers to be able to connect between the micro and micro level
The project “Including the Elderly in Community Gardens” was designed to encourage this population group – senior citizens in their “golden years” – to participate in a variety of activities in community gardens and nature sites around Jerusalem. Through these activities the project seeks to increase the active, voluntary participation of the elderly in the greening of Jerusalem, to raise their awareness and commitment to the environment, and to solidify their engaged participation as a cohesive group within the broader community.

The project was initiated and led by the Municipality of Jerusalem, JDC-ESHEL (the Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged in Israel), the Jerusalem Foundation, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Society for the Protection of Nature, with the participation of the Jerusalem Association of Community Councils and Idan, an NGO operating within this sector. (A full list of partners can be provided.)
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