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Vocational Training: A Tool for Employment Integration of East Jerusalem Residents
Yamit Naftali, Marik Shtern
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is unfortunately also the poorest of its major cities, with a poverty rate of 44% as of 2016. The poorest population group in Jerusalem is the Arab community of East Jerusalem. In order to improve the standard of living among East Jerusalem residents, reduce wage gaps, and bring families out of poverty, it is necessary to make changes in the education system and employment infrastructure of East Jerusalem.

The study comprises the following chapters:

 The introduction presents a literature review covering both theory and practice in the area of vocational training, as well as the policy tools employed in this field in various developed countries, and particularly in Israel, with attention to the Arab- Israeli population.
 Chapter 1 discusses the socioeconomic context of contemporary East Jerusalem, focusing on the characteristics of the education system and employment market.
 Chapter 2 offers a mapping of vocational training in East Jerusalem: from the stage of high school vocational education through the network of private and public academies, which serve young residents of East Jerusalem, to the employment agencies and the State of Israel’s placement practices in East Jerusalem.
  Chapter 3 covers the main shortcomings of and challenges to secondary and post-secondary education in East Jerusalem, and proposes recommendations to improve existing policy and adapt it to the unique circumstances of East Jerusalem.

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