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Allah's Safe Haven?The Controversy surrounding the Mamilla Cemetery and the Museum of Tolerance
This book discusses the controversy of the construction of the Museum of Tolerance in Mamilla , on a plot that had in the past been a Muslim cemetery. This conflict reflects a clash between human dignity (respect for the deceased) and the urban development of interest of modern societies. It also reflects a conflict between the needs of the Jewish State and the sensitivities of the Muslim- Arab minority, with its needs for symbols of identity in the local and national landscapes.
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Downtown Jerusalem - The Story of Jerusalem's City Center and Its Regeneration
The city center renewal plan described in this book is an ambitious endeavor that represents a major financial investment on the part of the Israeli government and the Jerusalem Municipality.The plan constitutes an attempt – unprecedented in Israel – to approach Jerusalem’s renewal and revitalization in a logical and considered manner − despite a prevailing sense that the city is a “lost cause.”
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“Talmud Torah is Equivalent to All” The Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) EducationSystem for Boys in Jerusalem
This study presents a unique phenomenon in the field of Israeli education – the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) education system for boys. The paper describes a system that has created a meaningful alternative to the regular state education in Israel, employing its own methods and teaching means.
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The Rise and Fall of Arab Jerusalem
This book examines Palestinian politics in Jerusalem since 1967, and in particular since the outbreak of the second Intifada in September 2000, focusing on the city's decline as an Arab city and the identity crisis among the Jerusalemite Palestinians. Principally concerned with Palestinian Politics and how they have evolved over time from the grass roots upwards, it covers issues such as the separation wall, military activity and terror, planning regulations, the joint Jewish-Arab struggle against the occupation, and efforts to remove Palestinians from the city.
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Evaluation of the Project: Including the Elderly in Community Gardens
The project “Including the Elderly in Community Gardens” was designed to encourage this population group – senior citizens in their “golden years” – to participate in a variety of activities in community gardens and nature sites around Jerusalem. The executive summary of the evaluation of the project as well as the slideshow summarizing the project are available online.
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Peace Talks over Jerusalem: A Review of the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Concerning Jerusalem 1993-2011
The issue of Jerusalem is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and of the national, religious, and political discourse on both sides. This document aims to outline as clear and credible a picture as possible of the negotiations that have been held over the future of Jerusalem, including the identification of areas of disagreement and of agreement, and analyzes the manner in which negotiations were conducted, taking into consideration the inherent complexities and limitations.
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The Historic Basin – Problems and Possible Solutions
The main aim of this study is to highlight different scenarios for an agreement on Jerusalem's Historic Basin, which as we know, is the spiritual summit of hundreds of millions believers from all over the world, as well as the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The central innovation of this research is the discussion regarding the possibility of international intervention (to various degrees) in administering the basin. Such intervention could improve the chances of reaching an agreement, especially in light of the mistrust that has so deeply permeated the views of each side, as well as in light of the immense religious and cultural importance of the area.

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The Sheikh Jarrah Affair- Strategic Implications
In September 2010 the Supreme Court of Israel rejected Palestinian appeals claiming ownership of 57 housing units in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem – where dozens of Palestinian families have resided since the days of Jordanian control over East Jerusalem – and accepted the claim of Jewish ownership of the property.

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Jerusalem: Facts and Trends
This publication presents an up-to-date and concise picture of Jerusalem, describing the trends and changes in the city in a wide range of fields, including population, employment, education, tourism, and construction.
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Towards Joint Management of City Centers: The Jerusalem City Center
Both Britain and the U.S have constructed joint public-private mechanisms for the management of city centers.This research evaluates prospects for adapting one of these models to the management of the Jerusalem city center..
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