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Coping with Terrorism in Jerusalem
Over the last two decades the nature of terrorism has gradually changed: from largely small-scale attacks such as kidnappings, hijackings, and political assassinations, aimed at riveting media attention, to attacks designed to inflict maximum damage on random civilian targets in populous urban areas. This book explores the challenges that this new kind of terrorism poses to policymakers, and investigates their various responses.
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Jaffa Road: Biography of a Street: the Story of a City
Jaffa Road forms the axis around which the new city of Jerusalem emerged after the first settlement outside the walls in the mid-nineteenth century. This book reveals the changes that have occurred along the street throughout the years that have followed. The story of Jaffa Road offers an accurate microcosm of the condition of Jerusalem, including the low and high points of the city’s history.
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A Fence Around Jerusalem
The present document is the first in a series of planned research papers on the subject of the separation fence and Metropolitan Jerusalem. Its aims are to analyze the decision-making process underlying the fence and its route, with the focus on mapping and elucidating the main problems that have already arisen and that are likely to arise in the future.

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Alternative Routes for the Security Barrier in Jerusalem
The objective of this study is to present alternative routes for the Security Barrier around Jerusalem. Evaluation of these alternatives is based on the following criteria: Security considerations; maintaining the fabric of life of the Palestinian population; maintaining proper urban functioning; and political, economic, and environmental criteria. The study presents four key alternatives, and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each in light of the above-mentioned criteria.
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The Jerusalem Lexicon
A special JIIS Think Tank has created a thorough, comprehensive document, in order to provide knowledge about the most controversial issues of Jerusalem
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Neighborhoods in Jerusalem: Talbiye, Katamon and the Greek Colony
This book offers a comprehensive and detailed history of three of Jerusalem's most interesting and picturesque neighborhoods outside the city walls. The story of the houses in Talbiye, Katamon and the Greek Colony notes the changes and developments that have occurred in these areas since the establishment of the State of Israel.
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Jerusalem The Contested City
Jerusalem, which means "city of peace", is one of the most bitterly contested territories on earth. Claimed by two peoples and sacred to three faiths, the city has been associated for the last three decades with violent struggle and civil unrest.

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Jerusalem on the Map: The Current Situation and Key Trends
This study examines the main trends in Jerusalem in 2001 in diverse fields: Demographic processes; the dispersal of the population in the urban area; economy and development; tourism; planning and construction; and the Jerusalem metropolis. Among other aspects, the study examines the sources of population growth, migration, the dispersal of the Jewish and Arab populations, employment sources, socioeconomic status of the population, the profile of Jewish and Arab construction, Jewish and Arab education systems, and higher education.
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Around The Holy City
This book suggests seven routes to lesser-known sites in the surroundings of Jerusalem,Bethlehem and Jericho. Most of them are located in almost biblical scenery away from the crowded centers. The book concentrates on the history of the different sites and their importance to Christianity. A special effort has been made to provide the traveler with the fruits of the latest research in archaeology and history regarding the various sites.

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Peacemaking in Jerusalem - A task team report
This report was first published in Hebrew in June 2000, a week before the Camp David Middle East summit. The extraordinary timing, together with the report’s content, made it the principal document consulted by Israeli negotiators when the Jerusalem question began to be adressed. As such, the report attracted world attention.

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