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War, Peace and International Relations in Contemporary Islam: Muslim Scholars on Peace Accords with Israel
Prof' Yitzhak Reiter / Research Assistant: Galit Hazan 2011

This book analyzes the thinking of Muslim legal experts and muftis in the field of international relations as well as their efforts to adapt Islamic law (Shari`a) to the realities of modern statesmanship and relations among states and peoples. It assesses their stances regarding peace agreements with Israel as a special case. Religious pronouncements that present views denouncing or supporting peace with Israel appear in their original form , for the first time in Hebrew translation, and are accompanied by analyses of the justifications and grounds in religious law employed by the Muslim experts and decision-makers against the background of the political circumstances of the time. The research reveals that together with the radical stands opposing peace with Israel one finds religious leaders presenting pragmatic interpretations, supported by citations from the religious law, that envision the natural relations between the Muslim and non-Muslim world as a state of peace. That vision includes a permanent peace and diplomatic relations with Israel.

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