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Conflict Management
The Israeli Palestinian Conflict- from Conflict Resolution to Conflict Management
Prof' Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov 2007
The violent confrontation that erupted in September 2000 between Israel and the Palestinians developed into a protracted low-intensity confrontation.
The confrontation exacted a heavy human toll on both sides, inflicted severe economic damage, and raised the level of enmity, hostility, and mistrust to levels that hamper dialogue not only in regard to the resolution of the conflict but also in its management. The book focuses on the causes of the confrontation, the goals of the sides, and the distinctive characteristics of the confrontation as a low-intensity conflict. Management strategies, the failure of the efforts to end or moderate the confrontation, the outcomes and its impact on both societies in different domains, and the phenomenon of unilateral disengagement as a unique strategy of conflict management in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are also discussions raised within the text.

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