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Statistical Yearbook
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2016 Edition
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Chapter I - Area
Chapter II - Climate and Environment
Chapter III - Population
Chapter IV - Vital Statistics
Chapter V - Migration and Immigration
Chapter VI - Standard of Living and Welfare
Chapter VII - Employment
Chapter VIII - Businesses and Industry
Chapter IX - Construction and Housing
Chapter X - Transport and Infrastructure
Chapter XI - Tourism
Chapter XII - Education and Culture
Chapter XIII - Health
Chapter XIV - Public Order
Chapter XV - Income and Expenditure of the Municipality
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2016 Edition

The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem presents an up-to-date statistical picture of the city in a wide and diverse range of fields, in tables, graphs, maps and other statistics, as well as indicating trends of change that are underway.   

The 2016 Statistical Yearbook marks the 30th edition of this publication, issued annually from 1982 by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies and the Municipality of Jerusalem.

In Memory of Prof. Moshe Sicron, chairman of the Yearbook's Steering Commitee from 2000 until his passing on the eve of the publication of the 30th Yearbook


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