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Statistical Yearbook
2018 Edition
2017 Edition
Chapter I - Area
Chapter II - Climate and Environment
Chapter III - Population
Chapter IV - Vital Statistics
Chapter V - Migration and Immigration
Chapter VI - Standard of Living and Welfare
Chapter VII - Employment
Chapter VIII - Businesses and Industry
Chapter IX - Construction and Housing
Chapter X - Transport and Infrastructure
Chapter XI - Tourism
Chapter XII - Education and Culture
Chapter XIII - Health
Chapter XIV - Public Order
Chapter XV - Income and Expenditure of the Municipality
2016 Edition
2015 Edition
2014 Edition
2013 Edition
2012 Edition
2011 Edition
2009/2010 Edition
2008 Edition
Chapter I - Area


For conversion and comparison keys between the 2008 census and earlier censuses see tables I/5,6,7 on the Statistical Yearbook for 2012 or click here
Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook Chapters 2017:

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