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Striving toward "sustainable consumerism"
There are no two ways about it: the developed world cannot maintain into the future the patterns of consumerism it enjoyed for much of the 20th century. JIIS' Environmental Policy Center (EPC) has been exploring trends and possibilities that can help lead to change in the way societies behave; the concept is called "sustainable consumerism."
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JIIS to advise the city on Merom Plan
The trend to draw out Jerusalem’s many-faceted personality and enhance its broad appeal continues. Most recently, the government launched the multi-million-shekel Merom Plan for the economic development of the city. The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) will be implementing the plan together with the Municipality and its progress will be monitored by a steering committee. JIIS will assist JDA in consultation, research, monitoring and evaluation.
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JIIS wins Trade Ministry grant to probe SME policy
It is well known that small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contribute to economic growth and employment. And yet SMEs, in Israel as elsewhere, find it difficult to fundraise and maintain cash flow at various stages of their development. JIIS' Economics Unit, in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, drafted a research proposal to identify local requirements for public engagement in private equity funds and develop a model for such engagement.
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Evaluating the evaluation
Even managers need assistance to manage – and perhaps even more so to evaluate their management. JIIS, in conjunction with the Jerusalem Foundation, is holding a series of sessions that will teach managers and program heads to develop appropriate tools to conduct "formative and summative evaluations" of their projects and programs.
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