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Haredi graduates on the job
After decades of isolation from the broader society, a dramatic rise has been noted in the number of haredi [ultra-orthodox] men and women seeking academic qualifications and, subsequently, a place in the general labor market – the men in particular. The JIIS study, completed last month, examined the success rate of haredis finding work upon graduation, and market attitudes toward them.
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JIIS collaborates on "Mixed Cities" meet
"Researching the differences between mixed cities in democratic countries can help us understand how democratic values can be promoted and implemented on the local, state and global levels." This was the rationale behind a conference held in Jerusalem last month co-organized by the Adam Institute, the Jerusalem Foundation, JIIS and the Jerusalem YMCA.
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The Palestinians move closer to the UN
Another step has been marked in the Palestinian request to become the 194th member of the United Nations. JIIS researcher Gilad Noam addressed the issue in a policy paper last year – right after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) made his first trip to New York in search of that goal.
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Indicators of progress
How does one measure and monitor the "state" of a city or other municipal entity? "Indicators for assessing the state of a local authority" was the central theme of a JIIS conference in October, at which the Institute's researchers shared their latest findings on the subject with a hall full of mayors, CEOs, strategic directors and senior government officials.
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