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Allah's Safe Haven?The Controversy surrounding the Mamilla Cemetery and the Museum of Tolerance
Prof' Yitzhak Reiter 2011

This book discusses the controversy of the construction of the Museum of Tolerance in Mamilla , on a plot that had in the past been a Muslim cemetery. This conflict reflects a clash between human dignity (respect for the deceased) and the urban development of interest of modern societies. It also reflects a conflict between the needs of the Jewish State and the sensitivities of the Muslim- Arab minority, with its needs for symbols of identity in the local and national landscapes.

The main issues addressed in this book are addressed at three levels: The individual case of a conflict over the location of the Museum, the political level in the context of majority-minority relations and the universal level of objectivity versus ideological and political positions.

The case of Mamilla offers a number of political lessons regarding the eruption of conflict following development projects on plots of land within historical cemeteries in Israel.

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