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Enforcement of Environmental Regulations: Increasing the Effectiveness of Environmental Protection Policies
Orr Karassin 2009
I. Introduction
This study proposes a method of judging the effectiveness environmental compliance and enforcement (ECE) efforts. It works through the goals and objectives of environmental enforcement and compliance regimes, as well as the exercise of enforcement tools, to architect a framework of indicators and an index that provides the data required to assess the performance of ECE programs. The study suggests enforcement agencies use indicators to continuously and reflexively evaluate the effectiveness of their enforcement regimes. The analysis and evaluation of properly defined and constructed data is a prerequisite to logical decision making in revising existing laws, modifying enforcement jurisdiction and reforming implementation tools. Indicator implementation and analysis has the capacity to promote reflexive reassessment of goals and encourage steady improvement in the integrity and efficacy of environmental enforcement schemes. It supports efforts to ensure good governance and accountability.
The study has both generic and widely applicable components as well as components specific to the Israeli enforcement context. Enforcement efforts taken by Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection serve as the backdrop for analysis and are used to demonstrate the application and benefits of the suggested Goal Oriented Model (GO Model) Index. The application is made in the field of building and construction waste regulation enforcement in Israel. However, some of the conclusion from the application may have wider relevance, both in Israel and elsewhere.

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